Our product CAFÉ, produced on farms under shade in a environment friendly with biodiversity, we cultivate varieties like the Bourbón, caturra, catimores, pache and typical in heights of 1200 a 1800 m.s.n.m. Our agro-ecological practices guarantee an ecological product of high quality and a constant cup that allow sustainable production with economic viability, environmental awareness and social security. We maintain a constant innovation of our field activities with financial accompaniments and technical assistance.

Main products:


Green coffee grade 1 Fair trade (organic)

Green coffee grade 1 Fair trade (conventional)

Conventional grade 1 green coffee

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics. It has a remarkable personality and a sweet character, with delicate acidity, a round body and notes of honey and toasted almonds: the smell of cacao is easy to perceive in the aftertaste.

Countries of export of coffee made by the cooperative