Cooperativa Agroindustrial Villa Rica Golden Coffee LTDA is an organization of small and medium-sized coffee growers united voluntarily by common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations, democratically controlled based on cooperative principles. It is constituted on October 10, 2012 and is located in the district of Villa Rica, Province of Oxapampa (Pasco), an area set in the jungle eyebrow and declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It groups coffee families Yaneshas, Andean and Austro-German migrants belonging to the Entaz, Eneñas, Paucartambo, Cacazu and Bocaz basins, with the purpose of making SUSTAINABLE coffee cultivation and a dynamizing role for the local and regional economy.

Thanks to the initiative of 22 small producers, the cooperative is a social organization with a business vision, whose aim is to improve the socioeconomic conditions of its partner producers, in 2014 we market the National market and in the year 2015 we market to the international market achieving Export to our customers from the United States and Europe.

At present we have a social base made up of 264 small coffee producers. Our coffees are produced on the 1000 to 1800 Meters On Sea Level are certified as Organic and the Solidarity Fair Trade mark FAIR TRADE NOP USDA United States and US European Union seals.

Geographical scope of the cooperative


To be a leading organization and referent of the cooperative system of Peru in the production of the highest quality coffees for marketing in the specialty markets, developing the families of producers.


The cooperative is an integration organization that defends, represents, supports, guides and supervises the work carried out by the partners within its productive unit, providing a collection service, training and technical assistance to contribute to its socio-economic development to its partners And communities promoting the production of special coffees of origin for marketing in demanding markets, generating added value, contributing to the strengthening of families.

Our Coffee

Produced on farms under shade in a environment friendly to biodiversity, we cultivate varieties such as the Bourbón, caturra, catimores, pache and typical in heights of 1000 to 1800 m.s.n.m. Our agro-ecological practices guarantee an ecological product of high quality and a constant cup that allow sustainable production with economic viability, environmental awareness and social security. We maintain a constant innovation of our field activities with financial accompaniments and technical assistance through our strategic allies.

Our Strategic Guidelines

1. Achieve the sustainable strengthening of the Cooperative, its bases and partners.

2. Monitor coffee production in certified areas based on compliance with environmental and social criteria.

3. Positioning and achieving market niches based on our quality in the international and national market.

4. Support and promote community development, Strengthening the empowerment of women and children.

Our business management

The business management is based on the methodology of networking, a network is a group of coffee producers under the name of civil association or committee, where its members directly participate in the cooperative company without losing their participation of their association or committee. Your roles will be as follows:

Organization and / or committees of coffee growers
  1. Monitoring and control of the correct execution of the policies of associativity and of; Within your association.
  2. Articulate the management of projects within its scope, with an impact on associativity and productive infrastructure.
  3. Coordinate and support the execution or implementation of administrative actions and services established by the cooperative.
  4. Strengthen the associativity of the base, also promote and facilitate the inclusion of new partners.
  5. Keep updated the validity of their legal representatives, as well as the records of partners, cash book and minutes books.
  6. Prepare and present in a timely manner its operational plans and Annual Report.

The accompaniment of the Technical Assistance for the improvement of the quality of coffee is a priority as a service to the associates. Our Quality Control Department, made up of professionals, provides the service of training and technical assistance in the management of the pos 100% of members. The training and technical assistance service is done individually and in groups; In the same way, workshops, picnics and personalized visits; Are our main methods used.


Our proposal to promote our coffees includes the participation of major events at the national level; These national events aim to strengthen the competitiveness of the organic and sustainable special coffees of Peru in the demanding niches of the markets of the United States and Europe, as well as to promote the competitiveness of Peru 's organic and sustainable special coffees. Identify opportunities for expansion in the Asian market and other markets in the world.


The accompaniment of Technical Assistance is a priority as a service to our associates. Our Technical Department, made up of professionals, provides the service of training and technical assistance to 100% of members. The service of training and technical assistance, is done individually and in the same way, workshops, picnics and personalized visits; Are our main methods used.