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The best selection Farms with the best coffees Beautiful coffee plantations Trainings in our facilities Constant meetings with our partners Training in the field to our partners with technological implements Plantation of coffee on the farm of one of our partners Partner in the middle of their plantations Trainings in our facilities Sharing with native communities after the meeting Visit to the farms Meeting with partners Partner showing his plantation Socializing with the young PNIA meeting During the process of the best grains Performing quality control Meeting with Native Communities During the process of the best grains Support for partners to improve their production View of the city of Villa Rica El Oconal, tourist landscape of Villa Rica Tourist landscape in Villa Rica Meeting and demonstration with a Coffee Association Cooperative work team Sharing with Native Communities Fair Trade Meeting Training Meeting with partners Visit of the 7elements Foundation Visiting Partners Visiting Partners Loading coffee samples Visiting Partners Visit to the farms

Various activities

We carry out an exhaustive quality control, for which we provide technical assistance and training to our partners to obtain the best grains.

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Beautiful Farms , our partners do an arduous job and thanks to a joint work, you get these beautiful views of these landscapes that subsequently give us as a result a coffee frog with the best taste.

Training in our facilities , to provide greater support to our partners, we provide training to our partners within our facilities, with the support of visual technology, and later in the field to find the goal that is to get the best coffee bean.

Field training, we make constant visits and trainings to the farms of our partners, where our specialists train and show the work and details for the quality of their products.